Tax Alerts

This position will put you in charge of running assurance engagements, generally audits and reviews. In addition you will help on various non-assurance engagements as required helping with tax compliance and developing your skills to be a well rounded practicioner.

Key Skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Great analytical skills
• Synthesizes information effectively
• Works well in a team
• Experience with C-PEM and Caseware assurance engagements
• Willing to work on various accounting work (including NTRs and Tax Complianec)
• Able to work independantly
• Able to draft financial statements
• Comfort with IFRS • Strong knowledge of ASPE/NFPO
• Strong knowledge of CAS • Comfort with the QAM
• Strong excel skills
• Analyze and communicate financial information
• Determine potential risks for a company
• Develop risk assessments, audit and compliance procedures
• Oversee the different steps of assurance files
• Perform various Assurance engagements
• Strong knowledge of ASPE/NFPOs
• Chartered Accountant
How to apply: 

To apply go here:

Phone: 604-688-7800 / 587.401.4900